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Repetitive, poorly mastered, and the drums are annoying as hell. Keep at it though! Maybe one day you'll be an xKore, or a Rig.

Wow! Ur hot!

I didn't think this song was very good, but then I saw that you were a girl on your userpage, and I'm a dumbass who allows someone's gender to affect my opinion of music! So i'm giving you a 10!

And jokes aside, I quite enjoyed this. Well done.

Pretty badass

Cool stuff, this was a lot of fun to listen to. The intense bass on each quarter note really creates an intense drive that makes this such a pleasure to listen to, and I really enjoy the progression at the beginning. It starts in a way that sorta makes you say, "What the fuck is this?". But then as more is added, the rhythm becomes more and more hypnotic, and you get sucked into the beat with each component added. Like I said, a really enjoyable listen.

The main critique I have is a general lack of variety. I understand you're going for a hard DnB style song, but I don't think that really excuses the repetitiveness of the song as a whole. Obviously this is a matter of personal taste, but to me, I feel like the song would be greatly improved with a little more variation from the beat you having driving throughout. My favorite section comes at 2:36, I love that breakdown. More parts like from 2:36 on, where things are dropping out and changing, would greatly improve the song in my opinion.

Overall, great job. 5/5 and 8/10

DJ-Rube responds:

Thanks man. You pretty much nailed what I was going for in your review. =)
And yeah I do plan on adding a bit more variety in the second half of the song when I finish it, more DnB stuff.


Damn, I really like this! I agree with you, this envisions quite perfectly what I hear when I see game 3 in its current state. The bounciness and energy of the whole piece is great, and its got some good ups and downs, and I feel this would be great as background music. I always enjoy hearing your stuff, keep up the great work! And please PM anytime you release a new song, I'd always be happy to offer up my opinions :D


This was pretty cool, been listening to it for about 30 minutes now in the background. It's got a great drive to it and I like the use of high pass and whatnot to give it some nice variety. Good stuff, I enjoyed it.
I can't think of anything specifically I'd improve, so I guess just keep making stuff

DavidRx responds:

thx dude :D
nicest comment ive had for a long time :P ^^

thx dude n sure ima make more n more ^^ stay tuned

cheers mate

vury nice

Hey, I really enjoyed this. I definitely imagined an epic opening to a movie, and anything that starts making me picture movies in my head is good in my book.
I really like the samples you used, you mind telling me where you got them and what you used?

damn dude

this is a pretty damn raging beat. Love the industrial feel, and nice bassy kicks. Really enjoyed this

sssssssssssssssssss responds:

Thanks man, keep an eye out for my new stuff, I've got an entire album I'm gonna dump sometime this year.


I really enjoyed this! Like you said, you really succeeded in making the base sounds realistic, and it shows, as it is what really brings the tension to this piece. I also thought the flute was great, both as an individual part and as a contribution to the piece as a whole. Well done overall, I always enjoy your submissions :D


As always, I'm amazingly impressed by your music. It's strange to think how much talent you've got, what with the creativity behind your flashes and the ability to create pieces like this. There's really alot of passion in this song, and I felt emotionally tied to it throughout. The deep swells and builds allow for a lot of tension and feeling to be contained within the thing, and it sounds bloody great.

I always enjoy your music, hope to hear more soon.


This is a really cool song! I greatly enjoyed the melodies and all the different parts you got going on in there! However, I feel that the use of one instrument really makes the song lack as a whole. If you had a bit more variety with your instruments I think this song could be a whole lot more than just a cute loop. Keep it up!

pickyerpoison responds:

Thanks for the input! There are actually two instruments, although the second (a wooden drum) is mostly in the background and can be hard to notice. It starts at approximately 00:30.

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