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I am lazy.

I am lazy, and thus I will not write a full, well-thought-out review. I certainly could. I could take the time to accurately express my appreciation for the absurdity of this cartoon, and point out how it so excellently toys with the thin line between randomness and incoherency.

But unfortunately, I just bought a hermit crab at a store, and I'm busy smothering it with hard love. So I'll just vote 5 on this, and be on my way.

Love it

I love this cartoon so much it's indescribable. By far my favorite part is the second line, when the blue-shirted guy says "WOOOOOOOOO", in a voice that is so hilariously full of passion that I watch the cartoon over and over again just to hear that one part. Really, the whole movie is fantastic, it achieves a perfect level of ridiculousness with some really fantastic audio pulling the whole thing together. Very nice job

Thank you so much!

I cannot express how much I've despised the brawl taunt series, and its so DAMN REFRESHING to see people making fun of it instead of blindly praising it!! Nothing angered me more than the swarms of prepubescent idiots that flocked to taunts and built it up as some masterpiece instead of the shithole it is, so thanks for bringing people back to reality.

Animation was top notch in a lot of the skits, I especially liked Ukinojoe's, rtil's, and whoever made the "And a whole lot of egoraptor's ideas!" parts. Very well done, it made fun of it exactly how it should have, and I lol'ed thoroughly.

So again, thank you. I have needed this sort of mockery of the series for a long time, and I think if I hadn't seen this soon I would have combusted. You all are gods.

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This whole game was awesome. Was fun to play, and actually challenging, so I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think my goal in life now is to work at newgrounds. That is the most kickass office I've ever seen, and I would absolutely kill to work there. Damn. I'm all jealous now.

hehe nice

I really enjoyed this game. I greatly enjoyed the music, the graphics, and especially the creativity. I think you did a good job of making a generic mouse avoider game into something really cool, like the boulder level. Nice job all around, I really enjoyed it. And thanks for having the game go right into hard stuff, I hate it when these games make you go through about 15 intro levels that are easy and just a waste of your time

username0hi0 responds:

Thanks for your review


cool, only missed 1.
Change the music up, have it be a full song cause the loop gets annoying, and you should have to go back to the last checkpoint each time you miss a question. Other then that its good

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Repetitive, poorly mastered, and the drums are annoying as hell. Keep at it though! Maybe one day you'll be an xKore, or a Rig.

Wow! Ur hot!

I didn't think this song was very good, but then I saw that you were a girl on your userpage, and I'm a dumbass who allows someone's gender to affect my opinion of music! So i'm giving you a 10!

And jokes aside, I quite enjoyed this. Well done.

Pretty badass

Cool stuff, this was a lot of fun to listen to. The intense bass on each quarter note really creates an intense drive that makes this such a pleasure to listen to, and I really enjoy the progression at the beginning. It starts in a way that sorta makes you say, "What the fuck is this?". But then as more is added, the rhythm becomes more and more hypnotic, and you get sucked into the beat with each component added. Like I said, a really enjoyable listen.

The main critique I have is a general lack of variety. I understand you're going for a hard DnB style song, but I don't think that really excuses the repetitiveness of the song as a whole. Obviously this is a matter of personal taste, but to me, I feel like the song would be greatly improved with a little more variation from the beat you having driving throughout. My favorite section comes at 2:36, I love that breakdown. More parts like from 2:36 on, where things are dropping out and changing, would greatly improve the song in my opinion.

Overall, great job. 5/5 and 8/10

DJ-Rube responds:

Thanks man. You pretty much nailed what I was going for in your review. =)
And yeah I do plan on adding a bit more variety in the second half of the song when I finish it, more DnB stuff.

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It's professor snape!

love it

Great style, I really like the look and feel of the picture as a whole. I thought it was good even before I saw what was on the chalkboard :)

El-Cid responds:

thanks man. Glad you like. :)

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