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I am lazy.

I am lazy, and thus I will not write a full, well-thought-out review. I certainly could. I could take the time to accurately express my appreciation for the absurdity of this cartoon, and point out how it so excellently toys with the thin line between randomness and incoherency.

But unfortunately, I just bought a hermit crab at a store, and I'm busy smothering it with hard love. So I'll just vote 5 on this, and be on my way.

Love it

I love this cartoon so much it's indescribable. By far my favorite part is the second line, when the blue-shirted guy says "WOOOOOOOOO", in a voice that is so hilariously full of passion that I watch the cartoon over and over again just to hear that one part. Really, the whole movie is fantastic, it achieves a perfect level of ridiculousness with some really fantastic audio pulling the whole thing together. Very nice job

Thank you so much!

I cannot express how much I've despised the brawl taunt series, and its so DAMN REFRESHING to see people making fun of it instead of blindly praising it!! Nothing angered me more than the swarms of prepubescent idiots that flocked to taunts and built it up as some masterpiece instead of the shithole it is, so thanks for bringing people back to reality.

Animation was top notch in a lot of the skits, I especially liked Ukinojoe's, rtil's, and whoever made the "And a whole lot of egoraptor's ideas!" parts. Very well done, it made fun of it exactly how it should have, and I lol'ed thoroughly.

So again, thank you. I have needed this sort of mockery of the series for a long time, and I think if I hadn't seen this soon I would have combusted. You all are gods.


That was incredible!! So refreshing to see a satirical take on pico day, not just another fighting reference. All the characters, and the innocence and randomness of it was just fantastic, I loved every little detail. The gay jokes were awesome too, haha, im sure people didnt like 'em but it really made fun of pico day right where it counts.

Fantastic overall, I laughed/smiled throughout. Can't wait to see more


Great video, loved the non-caring attitude with which you presented the winners, it made the whole thing a bit less serious, in a good way. So kudos on the vid.

Can't believe chux tux won though. Seems like a very very poor decision on the judges part. It seems as though it excelled above There She Is only in the original music regard, and that in every other category There She Is topped it. Ah well, nothing we can do now.

oh my god

hahaha that was god damn fucking incredible. I've watched every one of your toons, and I've NEVER laughed that hard. So many things about it were fantastic, the shitty names, the stupid twists and how they "explain" everything. God fucking dammit this is incredible.
You sir, are amazing.


Well done, pretty funny, and you can draw a great dispenser :D

but PLEASE tell me the name of the credit song

BreadFruitLock responds:

Need a dispenser here!
I don't know the name of the song, i stumbled onto it on ytmnd awhile ago.


I think this is the most creative of your episodes and probably the best, I lol'ed a few times, however, its still excessively cheesey, to a point where you really dont want to enjoy it. I'd say in general the show needs the cheesey camera movement and dialogue toned down a bit and jokes toned up a bit and it'll be really good

thank you

Thank you so much for bringing light to how stupid the parodies on this site are. No one seems to get that; I wrote a review of Brawl Taunts respectfully saying I thought the animation was bad and the jokes weren't funny and gave it a 4, but naturally all the idiots who are so obsessed with it flagged my review as unhelpful, because how could I not like horrendously animated jokes about a popular game. Well yeah, just sharing that other people feel your pain. Well done sir

nice stuff

Overall it was fun to watch, I especially liked the animation style, I would just make sure everything is a little cleaner and more put together. For example, the audio was constantly spiking which was really distracting, and there were a few glitches when switching between scenes. Clean it up and this will be really good

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