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Entry #4

I made a song like Deadmau5! Check it out!

2010-06-14 02:38:10 by Gloudas

The other day I tried to make a song like Deadmau5, and this is the result! Give it a listen, and tell me what you think. /340509

Fun fact about the song: All the synths are made from scratch with 303osc! I'm proud of this fact because I've finally strayed away from using VSTi presets for every song I make. Admittedly, the sounds as a whole could use some more variety, but I like the song for what it is. Quit judging me.

If you enjoy it, let me know, and I'll make more. Otherwise, I'm gonna try to make some electro house, and frankly, that can only end poorly, considering my obsession with annoying-sounding instruments. RIVERSIDE, MOTHERFUCKER!



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2010-06-14 06:30:23

I'm not a fan of House genre of music, but it was very nice :-)